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A visionary, first-generation entrepreneur,

Mr. S. G. Helkar, is the driving force behind Vikram Group since its inception

It is he foresight and strategic thinking that has seen the group evolve into being a diversified infrastructure, engineering and services company

He is actively involved in the day-to-day operations and continues provide his guidance and leadership as the group prepares for its next leg of growth

The next generation, led by Mr. Vikram Helkar & Mr. Vishal Helkar, have ably assisted the Founder in bringing his vision to life and preparing the ground for the next phase of growth.

In addition to the Management team, the group has a manpower of over 550 strong qualified staff, skilled professionals and unskilled staff - all contributing to our customers success. 

Mr. S G Helkar (Ex-IAF)

Recipient of Udyog Ratna Award

Mr. Vikram Helkar

Mr. Vishal Helkar

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